Barbara Weir
Barbara Weir

Born circa      1945
Her country   Atnwengerrp
Her language, Anmatyerre and Alyawarr.

Born at what was formerly known as Bundy Station in the Utopia region,
dreamings include ‘Bush Berry’, ‘My Mothers Country’, ‘Awelye’ and her famous ‘Grass Seed’ dreaming. Barbara’s
paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout Australia and the world, including Japan, America and Europe.


Barbara Weir is a well documented artist featured in numerous publications and in 2004 was chosen by the Australian Tourist
Commission to appear in an advertisement titled ‘Barbara Weir’s Australia”.

Barbara is a versatile and passionate artist whose love for the country is reflected in each canvas she paints. She is highly
skilled in the use of dot work shown in her depictions of ‘
My Mothers Country’, and is ingenious in her use of lines and texture
as shown in ‘
Grass Seeddreamings.

Rowdy Kartel Gallery regards Barbara Weir as one of Australia's premier artists and highly recommends one of her paintings to
be included in any art lover’s collection.
Barbara with her son Fred Torres
and her country, from which her
paintings have so much influence.
Above, Prince Charles and Barbera Weir.
Prince Charles, enthused by Barbara Weir's
seeds, and also by her educated opinion on the
Reference, Wikipedia.-
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